Sara Logistics Company is an international transportation company, which pioneers in providing modern transshipment services in Iran based on current worldwide standards using a group of experienced experts and specialists in the transportation industry who tirelessly work towards achieving this company’s grand goals, the most important of which is customers’ satisfaction.


As a member of the carrier, Sara Logistic International Transportation Group has moved to gather and complete its well-equipped land fleet with the support of expert specialists in the international transportation field and has exclusive representative authorization of Sevank Co. in Istanbul with the goal of specialized activity in the transportation field in Turkey, and has active branches within all ports and cities of Iran.


Furthermore, this company obliges itself to be your trustworthy consultant in all affairs related to international transportation such as choosing and determining the vessel and mode of shipment with regards to the origin, destination, product type, fastest and safest route by leaning on speed in shipment operations and cost reduction, and to guide you in all related matters. This group’s approach is to provide high quality services based on the latest transportation industry standards worldwide and in the most economic and safest form possible with Iran’s competitive rates to all over the world and vice versa whether via land, sea or air, which are briefly described hereunder for your kind review.


Land Transportation:

   Sara Logistics Company is equipped with 100 straight trucks as well as efficient and active representatives for land transportation from European and Middle East countries as well as Turkey. It has the capability to transport all your land shipments under all related land shipping terms via full load truck, groupage and project shipment within the earliest opportunity and shortest possible time with the most competitive rates in the market.

Sea Transportation:

Sara Logistic Company has contracts with all authorized liner shipping companies via its verified and active representatives across the world and provides regular container services in full load, less load, and whole load, which enables the company to ship the products from European, Far East, Middle East and Persian Gulf area ports and other points of the world to Iran and in reverse in various containers.


Air Transportation:

Air services of Sara Logistic Company are conducted via its active representatives in Europe, East, South East Asia, and other parts of the world with a diverse range of airlines to Iran and vice versa. This company can ship heavy products via air in the smallest volume and with the best price.

Local and foreign transit

Due to its proper geo-economic location and being in the center of the north and south corridor (which plays a valuable role in the transit connectivity of Russia, Middle Asia, Caucasus and Europe from one side and countries located in the fringes of the Persian Gulf, and South East Asia from the other side), Iran has some very important advantages. Sara Logistic Company can conduct any local and foreign transit shipment by utilizing this special location and having branches and representative offices in related entry and exit points.

Shipping Consultation, Undertaking Customs Affairs and Release

Sara logistics Company can provide its respected customers with consultation on determining shipment type and packaging as well as undertaking customs affairs and release in all of Iran’s customs offices using experienced consultants and well veteran colleagues.



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